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Vision & Mission

  • The main purpose of Chemmai is to form a universal digital asset with 100% utilities.
  • Chemmai aims to create a decentralized super content engine having full of qualitative content that should not be influenced by any optimization and manipulation techniques.


There're many reasons how Chemmai is Changing the face of Content Platforms. Few of them are:

VARK Model in Blockchain

By creating an all-in-one blockchain umbrella for a variety of content for listening, reading and watching content contributed by the creators.

Own Consensus Mechanisms

By building our own consensus mechanisms - PoSC and DPoSC to efficiently call Chemmai as a platform for the community and by the community.

Quality Check

By incentivizing the community members & managers in exchange to their work such as publishing and reviewing content for maintaining quality standard.

More Outreach

By creating a more outreach friendly platform for the advertisers who can deal directly with the content creators in multiple ways.

Mutual Growth

By forming more partnerships with like-minded community groups, blockchain & non-blockchain entities and individual influencers.


By crafting a video uploading infrastructure to upload high resolution and more storage files such as videos, documents and images using IFPS feature.


By monetizing so as to convert non-revenue producing resources into wellsprings of income.With the use of monetization, Chemmai will help the “creators” in a huge way. They can get their own platform wherein they can earn some amount of income!!


Chemmai makes use of Infotainment in order to gain an important place in the day today lives of the users. When Infotainment is added to the content engine system, various advantages can be utilized by the users of Chemmai.


Q2 2018

Discovery of project idea, team building and alpha product development

Q3 2018

ICO planning and Telegram Bots integration

Q4 2018

Android app beta version product launch

Q1 2019

Crowd Sale & Building Chemmai Box using PoSC and DPoSC consensus mechanisms

Q2 2019

Credibility score architecture and Opening of Chemmai Bank with account schemes

Q3 2019

Advertisers panel and monetization algorithm

Q4 2019

Safety Alert and Utility Functionalities

Token Details

Token Name / symbol

Chemmai / COIN

Token Type

ATP2.0 (Achain)

Total COIN Supply

1,000,000,000 Tokens

Soft Cap


Hard Cap


Total COIN for Sale

500,000,000 Tokens

Token Price Details

Round Private Sale
(Jan 1 - Jan 15, 2019)
(Jan 16 - Jan 31, 2019)
Public Sale
(Feb 1 - Feb 27, 2019)
Round 1 Round 2 Final
Token Price 0.035 $ 0.0375 $ 0.045 $ 0.0475 $ 0.05 $
Bonus 30% 25% 10% 5% 0%

Token Economics

Token Distribution
Use of Proceeds



PR & Marketing


Legal & Accounting



System Security & Compliance


Early Backers



We've some partners and associates working together in good relationship and tight commitment to reach the objective of Chemmai. It's our pleasure to share few of them here:


Chemmai is an application that tends to keep you at your comfort zone in every pleasing manner of releasing news, alerts and entertainment. The efficient multipurpose application reduces the storage space required for downloading different applications for media and is a major breakthrough in application market. Chemmai app is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), meaning it is a product with enough features to satisfy initial customers, and provide feedback, based on the data collected during the trial period, for the future development.

Try Chemmai App (alpha version)

The alpha trial version of this app comprised 2 key characteristics which include Daily Newspapers and Community Radio Channels. The 2 in 1 app is a must for people who would like to go through different sources of mass and media in a particular platform. The final version is yet to come. This is just an alpha trial app in which the users can give valuable suggestions and instruct improvements.

In the near future, we plan to keep the option "Claim Channel" for the channel owners to claim their channel and take control of it. This app would be a platform for posting any kind of content, be it short films, songs, memes, blogs, articles, whatever content the creators would like to post!!

Get it on Google Play

Join ICO

With clear Roadmap and essential planning, we plan to kick-start Chemmai cryptocurrency offering in the market. With ample amount of space to grow, the cryptocurrency market is the beginning of a new eco-system and with Chemmai; we have planted the seeds of staggering growth.

Our Team


Founder, CEO & Techie






Member of Technical Staff


Member of Technical Staff


UI/UX & Research Architect


Product Analyst


Chartered Accountant


Creator & Youtuber

Kasaragadda Teja

Creator & Youtuber


Blockchain Expert

Our Advisors

Ivan Smirnov



We've tested this product with 250 users as pre-alpha version which was a huge success!! Chemmai app’s first phase has also been a huge hit. We've collected around 94 reviews and 300 installs. Also, 3 youtubers (2 from Tamil Nadu and 1 from Andhra Pradesh) got excited about this product and joined with us. We had a discussion about the Chemmai platform and its roadmap. They were able to visualize the platform that we had discussed.

It'll be a huge success and will cure the painful experiences of most of the unidentified creators, if Chemmai is successful as per the discussion.

Online Tamil

Creator & Chief

It's a totally different content monetization model with its unique strategies and distinguished vision. It'll be a definite victory!!

ManaTelugu Tech

Creator & Chief

I got excited once I feel this product idea. 100% for creators. No more marketing. No more copy cats. Super clear monetization model.

Vada Bajji

Content Creator


Here’s the frequently asked questions about Chemmai ICO and its plan.

Chemmai is an infotainment application engine building on blockchain giving back control to the creators and the community which will help people in expressing their ideas through data (any content) and then get their ideas monetized accordingly and earn money!!

Yes, Chemmai is available in the following online channels:

Social Medias


Telegram Channels

Telegram English Channel
Telegram News

Yes, you can. Our CEO @KarthikeyanOnline will also be in the telegram group. Along with other community managers, he too will answer your questions @ChemmaiOfficial telegram group.

Yes, we do. Chemmai believes mutual development matters a lot for a constructive growth at anytime. So, We accept partnerships from different ICOs, blockchain companies, community groups and other public limited companies. For partnership related query, you can mail to

Yes we allow private investors while doing private sale. Kindly check out the date of the private sale in the home page.

Private Sale: 0.0455$
Pre Sale: 0.0525$
Public Sale - Round 1: 0.063$
Public Sale - Round 2: 0.06475$
Public Sale - Round 3: 0.0665$
Public Sale - Final: 0.07$

Why not…!!! We’re not a scam to hide things from you. Even we published already and we will be transparent in every aspect.

Don’t worry. We never take risk to deal with public investments. We always prefer to play in a safe zone especially in terms of safeguarding investors money, business plan execution, data, privacy policy and more.

You can stay tuned with our telegram group ( to know the latest airdrops.

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