Private Sale starts on January 1, 2019

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Background Story

Karthikeyan, the CEO of Chemmai, has had a bitter experience some years back. He says,” I'm also a creator (a local creator to take short films). I had a deep research when our friends were trying to launch our short film on YouTube. My short film was published in Times of India but we were not incentivized based on the transparent monetization strategy. I didn't mind as I didn't take that film for money, but solely because of curiosity to know how youtubers and other local creators are earning. And I was really sad to know that there are lots of creators, especially small-time creators, who couldn't make their creations reach out across a big audience due to their small connections even though they produce a quality content. I discussed with different creators about their earnings, and I got so shocked about how some people earn through youtube by utilizing other's creations and how the real creators are struggling to earn from their own creations.

Then after I had a deep research on it from a different perspective, I thought of an idea to create a platform where things should be more transparent and creators can only concentrate on their creation part and not on the promotion part where the current ecosystem lags.” And this experience made him come up with a platform called “Street Release”. Initially, Street Release was started for short film makers who takes short films on the street corners with their local cameras but with good themes and ideas. “So, I started with Street Release. Then I started thinking of different creators from different domains. This made me think about researching about other domains such as photography, singing field, dance field, potters and many more. So I found a simple idea which includes more about creators and infotainment platform under a transparent monetized model and decentralized ecosystem”, he says.

Then he had a discussion with different creators about this idea and most of them got excited about the same. He started looking out reliable team members to ignite his passion. And you would not believe, but everything fell into the right places. Everything turned out to be a huge success!! “I felt really Semma, sorry Chemmai. This feeling of mine made me change our platform name from Street Release to Chemmai”, says Karthikeyan proudly.

His trustworthy team started shaping his structured idea in a way to start building this product from the beginning. “If we launch our product with some interesting stuffs initially before we raise funds, that will give confidence to the end users and the end product will be a decentralized platform. I know the power of teamwork and we all started looking out different advisors across the globe to build it a global product.” Well, thus began the successful journey of Karthikeyan through the doors of Chemmai!!

Join ICO

With clear Roadmap and essential planning, we plan to kick-start Chemmai cryptocurrency offering in the market. With ample amount of space to grow, the cryptocurrency market is the beginning of a new eco-system and with Chemmai; we have planted the seeds of staggering growth.