Private Sale starts on January 1, 2019

To fix a deal in private sale, you can contact @SharmilaOnline through telegram or through mail.


  • The main purpose of Chemmai is to form a universal digital asset with 100% utilities.
  • Chemmai aims to create a decentralized super content engine having full of qualitative content that should not be influenced by any optimization and manipulation techniques.
  • Chemmai intends to integrate a super media platform with the content engine for content creators, publishers, advertisers, content reviewers and users for a transparent monetization and advertising mechanism. It is basically an infotainment sector; all kinds of content can be added and viewed by millions of people!!
  • The use cases of any cryptocurrency are very important. Chemmai identified that in a right way and started building it on blockchain to form a meaningful relationship between everyone especially creators.


  • By creating an all-in-one blockchain umbrella for a variety of content for listening, reading and watching.
  • By building our own consensus mechanisms to efficiently call Chemmai as a platform for the community and by the community.
  • By incentivizing the community members in exchange to their work such as publishing and reviewing content.
  • By creating a more outreach friendly platform for the advertisers who can deal directly with the content creators.
  • By forming more partnerships with like-minded community groups, blockchain & non-blockchain entities and individual influencers.
  • By crafting a video uploading infrastructure to upload high resolution and more storage files such as videos, documents and images.
  • Chemmai has an easy to access feature as it is an online platform and an “all-under-one-roof” feature which makes it convenient for the users to get what they want. This ensures the success of Chemmai and gives it an upper hand as compared to other blockchain platforms.